Mt. Evans

30 Aug

I had the chance to drive to the top of Mt. Evans today, giving a fantastic view of what seemed like half the state.  Other 14ers visible from the summit included Mt. Bierstadt, Pike’s Peak, Long’s Peak, Grey’s and Torrey’s (two side-by-side).  Really pretty amazing view, even if the car took me to the top.

As far as biking goes, I did see at least 10 people headed up and down.  If you start from Idaho Springs, the ride is 28 miles up to the top, with about 6,000+ feet of climbing.  I was easily out of breath just walking around the top, so I can only imagine what riding up would feel like.  On the way down, we did see one rider standing with his bike, head hanging in what looked like misery/exhaustion.  And he was riding Liz’s bike too, so that couldn’t have been the problem!

I don’t know if I would ever want to attempt the climb, but every year Team Evergreen Racing hosts the Annual Bob Cook Memorial/Mt. Evans Hill Climb, so there is the option!  This past one was the 46th running, so people have been riding up for a long time.  I also saw that the 2010 winner was Peter Stetina, who now rides for Garmin-Cervelo, and just competed in the US Pro Cycling Challenge.  He won in a time of 1 hour and 50 minutes, which is about how fast I ride at Wash Park!  The record holder is Tom Danielson, also of Garmin-Cervelo, with a time of 1 hour and 40 minutes.  And just to be a showoff, he also holds the Lookout Mountain record at around 16 minutes for a 4.5 mile climb.  I did it in about 45 minutes – take that Tom!

This is my first attempt to connect some non-cycling thing that I did during the day to cycling, so we’ll see how long I can keep this effort up.  I might tire of this quickly, but for now it’s fun to talk biking and Colorado.  Because I was up there later in the day, I missed riding with the Denver 38 Racing guys, the team I’m hoping to join in the near future.  Coincidentally, they had plans to do Lookout Mountain today too, but the 5 o’clock start time was too early for me.  Day off today, hopefully back to spinning tomorrow.  Happy riding!

This is from Mt. Sherman, but looks more or less like the view from Mt. Evans.

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