A Nice Fall Day

10 Oct

Well, that was a boring title!  I know it’s not too exciting, but I didn’t want to spend too much time thinking about it before bed.

This afternoon, I took a quick jaunt around Wash Park.  I had gone hiking over the noon hour, mainly to catch a glimpse of some aspens before all the golden leaves disappeared for the season.  With the weather being so nice, I decided I could handle the extra exercise to take a short ride once I got home.  The ride did not disappoint either.  I only rode for 30 minutes, but had a grand time.  The air feels a lot cooler here in Denver now, but as long as the sun is out, riding still feels comfortable.  I went out around 5:15, late enough to dress up a little more to not feel cool in the shade.  This circumstance warranted me trying out my new Pearl Izumi knee warmers.  Knee warmers are individual pull-on sleeves that cover your knees and tuck under the legs of your shorts, covering enough to keep your knees warm in the wind, but not so much that you feel like overheating.  I thought they worked great, and seemed like a good thing to have on around 50 to 60 degrees.  The rest of the week here sounds nice, but not sure how much riding the schedule will allow; have to take advantage of great weather!

In racing news, the host organization of the Tour de France accidently posted all the stages for the 2012 edition onthe TDF website this morning.  Whoops!  While the slip-up did not cover the route specifics, we roughly know where the race will go. Joe Lindsay from Bicycling Magazine covers some of the known aspects of the race, with a little commentary: http://bicycling.com/blogs/boulderreport/2011/10/10/2012-tour-de-france-route-leaked/

If you want to see the actual TDF site, they still have info about the first couple of stages up, but will “reveal” the rest at a big party or something of that effect:  http://www.letour.fr/2011/TDF/COURSE/us/grand_depart_2012.html

The Tour will start in Liege, Belgium, in the French-speaking area of the country.  A place rich with cycling history.  Happy fall riding!


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