iPods, Wind and Wash Park

4 Nov

Today marked my 29th riding session around Wash Park, and the second time this week.  The classic fall weather provided another nice backdrop for 8 laps of spinning around.  The wind was blowing strong from the south, so I had to work harder for the first half of the lap but could totally cruise on the second half.

The park still had remnants of Wednesday’s snow storm, but the roadway was nice a clear except for a little snowmelt runoff here and there.  When I hit the road I only met walkers and joggers, but as the ride went along more riders came out.  I wouldn’t say this was the most perfect day, but with the prospect of using the indoor trainer pretty much full-time for the end of fall and the first half of winter, I’ll take what I can still get outside.

The road from our place to the north end of Wash Park

One might think that I would get bored of Wash Park, but it’s just so easy to go there and get some miles in.  I guess at this point, convenience trumps changing scenery.  To help with the riding, I half-broke one of my riding rules:  I listened to my iPod in one ear.  I know I’m not setting a good example, but I’ve been on bike paths so many times now where virtually everyone I’ve passed is listening to music.  If they can’t hear me, is it ok for me to block out half of the monotony too?  I do not ride on the road listening to music, but in a closed parkway, I will allow myself that one indulgence.  Riding in circles can get old by yourself. Plus I have my peppy, super-cheesy Friday playlist to listen to, so I have a hard time resisting.  I see the issue more as staying aware about other traffic, and with all the drivers out there texting, listening to the radio or talking on the phone, I’m not sure one earbud will matter.  As a matter of principal though, I’ll stay music-free on the road.

Well, we just veered towards Righteous Cyclist mode, so I’ll track back around and say enjoy the remaining warm fall days.  I see more ski days in my near future, so I’ll enjoy my rides outside now, music or not!

One Response to “iPods, Wind and Wash Park”

  1. Ben Gerig November 15, 2011 at 12:55 pm #

    Wash Park is the best—isn’t it? You’d think pacing circles in there would eventually become tedious, but it’s always a quintessential urban sanctuary for rejuvenating rides and runs. If I catch you with that second ear bud in though, the news is going viral…Ride on!

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