RadioSchleck – The Saga Begins…

9 Jan

I’ll be honest, talking about my winter training isn’t probably that interesting.  For example, I had a nice ride Friday afternoon that probably pushed the comfort limits for temperature, resulting in a burning/itching sensation on my outer thighs after the ride.  Interesting, right?  A lukewarm shower seems to help mitigate this problem.  Anywho, there I go talking about boring stuff again!

Let’s talk about less boring things, like pro cycling!  With the start of the training season for the pros, various teams have rolled out fancy ceremonies introducing this year’s roster, all dressed up in sweaters (here and here).  (D38 Note – Can we have matching team sweaters too?  I’m liking the LeopardTrekRadioshackNissan cardigan, though the Cervelo argyle is also fun!)  So it’s the one time everyone is not wearing tight things, which might help with cycling’s appeal to a broader audience.

Since LeopardTrekRadioshackNissanSchleck had their team unveiling most recently, I want to write more about them. First off, I’m a Frandy fan, and would love to see Andy finish something other than second at the Tour de France, preferably first even.  I also like Jens Voigt, and hope to someday be just a fraction as tough as he is.  Some other reasons for rooting for LeopardTrekRadioshackNissanSchleck this year include:

  • Chris Horner and Jens are both 40 years old.  40!  Impressive.
  • The team also features young U.S. up-and-comers Ben King and Matthew Busche.  King only went on an epic solo to win the USA Pro Road Race Championships as a 21 year-old in 2010.  Busche grew up in the Milwaukee area, and went to Luther College in Decorah, IA, running cross-country.  Took up cycling for rehab, and is suddenly a pro, making like Ben King and winning the USA Pro Road Race in 2011.  Already a promising start for these two!
  • Frank and Andy are funny guys and good sports (totally worth watching if you have the time).
  • Not really a reason, but I actually talked to Andy for about 10 seconds in Vail last summer during the USAPCC after his time trial.  Randomly bumped into him in Vail Village as he was going back to the hotel, and I told him he rocked.  He smiled and replied, “Why would you say that?  I rode horribly.”  Oh Andy, don’t be so modest, even if the time trial isn’t your thing!

Which brings us to the crux of LeopardTrekRadioshackNissanSchleck  – getting Andy a first place finish in the TdF. The knock against him is that he has terrible time trial form, and that’s how he lost the last two tours.  Here’s hoping he worked on and will continue to work on that!  Other people who know much more than I do have said the upcoming TdF course will do him no favours with over 100 km worth of time trialing, and he’ll need a lead of minutes to hold off other contenders, like Cadel Evans.   Remember though, before last year Cadel couldn’t win the big one either, with a reputation of falling to pieces at key moments.  (to be fair, there was some context to this in that he may have already been hurt, but still priceless footage!)

Speaking of Cadel Evans,  I look forward to seeing how the BMC Racing Team does this year with their roster changes.  LeopardTrekRadioshackNissanSchleck  made moves to help Andy win the TdF, but less clear is why BMC made the changes they did, with Thor Husvod and Philippe Gilbert seeming like they would compete against each other in the same spring races, and not necessarily add anything to help out Cadel’s TdF campaign.  But what do I know?  I’m just a Cat 4 wannabe racer with a blog!

So to sum up:  Go Team LeopardTrekRadioshackNissanSchleck!  Hope everyone had a great weekend, and happy riding!

One Response to “RadioSchleck – The Saga Begins…”

  1. Annmarie January 9, 2012 at 7:43 pm #

    Great post and hadn’t seen that Schleck interview before either. That was hilarious!

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