20 Mar

Obligatory cactus photo

So the high in Tucson today was around 55-60, depending on where and when you checked.  In any case, that’s pretty cool for March here!  And knowing that most everyone else was enjoying warmer temps was kind of wild too.  I did get a nice 38 mile (the best number ever – Denver 38) ride in, and was able to meet up with Liz and her dad for part of it.  While breezy, I enjoyed the sun as I put in some hard efforts.  I also enjoy the change of pace that many of Tucson’s really wide bike lanes provide.

In the other fun news of the day, the Old Pueblo Grand Prix posted results, and I found out for sure that I didn’t come in last!  27th out of 36, but who’s counting, right?  The last 6 or so listed were DNF’s (did not finish), and I don’t really know what that means since I didn’t exactly finish either.  Well it’s on a PDF file now, so no changing any of that!

I would like to give a shout out to Dom for letting me borrow a jersey to wear for the event.  I went ahead and wore it today too, since I really like the color combo – burnt orangish, black, and white.  Not sure who from the team came up with that, but I think it’s fantastic.  High fives all around!

Snow on the Catalinas; not sure if this should happen in Tucson in March...

Lastly, last night I made a pan of rice cakes from the recipe in the book The Feed Zone, by Allen Lim (worked on both Garmin and Radioshack teams doing fitness testing and nutrition).  I really can’t rave enough about them.  I won’t get into details here, but the main point is you make energy bars out of rice to eat during workouts.  The bars totally satisfied, yet I did not feel like I had just eaten a brick of carbs.  In fact, I felt more full and sluggish after an espresso stop towards the end of the ride, which probably is some form of cycling heresy.  If anyone has interest in more details, I can fill them in.  I’ll definitely be making more of the recipes in this cookbook.



One Response to “Brrrr!”

  1. dsantilli March 22, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the race. You ready to go out on another nice long tempo ride? 😉

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