Month of May

31 May

After not writing anything for a month, seeing I still had blog readers daily surprised me.  Well done, and way to stick with it for those that did!
Before May completely disappears (which it already has on Eastern Time)  I thought I would recap of the month.
A month removed from my crash, all the scabs have healed.  Looks like I’ll have a few scars for a while, but I’ll take the additional character, I guess.
I only raced once in May, at Wheels of Thunder, a 1.6 mile crit by Arapahoe Community Park held on frigid morning.  The group stay together for the first three laps, and I was happy with the pace and staying with the group.  As we started the fourth lap, the leaders turned up the pace.  The move caught me off-guard, though I totally should have expected it, and I didn’t follow. If I had picked up my pace right then, I could have hung on a little longer, at least part of the fourth lap.  As it was, I rode the last 2 laps by myself, staying ahead of any rider still behind me. I finished 14th out of 17th, which was my highest place to date.  More importantly though, I actually still felt good and wanted the race to continue. Until now, I’ve felt relief when finishing a race, happy to have an actual break and be able to breathe slowly enough to sip some water!  This felt like a turning point for me, and certainly a new level of comfort with this cycling experience.

Round and round the roundabouts in City Park.

Over the month, I have ridden with the group for longer stretches before falling off, and have recovered more quickly.  With that, I thought maybe I should enter another race, the City Park Crit.  I’ll be getting after it on Sunday morning at 7:50 in the AM, so another early start.  I rode the 0.8 mile course this evening, and the race should provide some “interesting” action.  By interesting, I mean continually taking high-speed turns.  I haven’t raced a course like this before, and I’ll admit my comfort level is not as high as I would like it with the turns.  I’m hoping to ride it again tomorrow to improve my feel for it.  Look for a recap either later this weekend or next week, hopefully (or sometime before July!).

Happy start to June, and here’s to another great weekend!

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