Le Tour Time

6 Jul

So I’ve tried to watch the Tour de France every morning, if for no other time than while I’m eating breakfast.  Here on Mountain time I can see live coverage from 6:30 AM till around 10 AM.  I haven’t watched as much on the weekdays thus far, but still have two weeks to go.  I did catch the end of Stage 6 this morning, and saw both a pretty big crash that took down a lot of riders, as well as an exciting sprint finish, won by Peter Sagan (his third victory so far!).  Check out the video from NBC, and how he comes from so far back. He’s celebrated in pretty goofy fashion so far, but sure seems to get the job done in crunch time.  By comparison, I sprinted a few sets Thursday evening, and could manage what felt like 8 or so seconds of sustained effort.  It’s a long way to France!  Kidding, I only want to chase my racing fantasies in the U.S.;  I hope to actually go watch the TdF in person in the near future!

I was going to write more since it’s been awhile, but I’ve left this post sitting around all day and it’s in danger of becoming very dated.  Racing at the Sonic Boom Crit tomorrow in Louisville, so I’ll have more to say after that.  Hopefully the rain tonight will keep things cool over the weekend, bringing some much-needed relief to the Front Range!


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