Fall fun

1 Oct

Wow, long time since I’ve written anything.  What did I miss? Two race reports celebrating mid-ish pack finishes, 2 Grand tours, the USA Pro Challenge, and obligatory thoughts on Lance-related news!  With that, let’s start talking about other things entirely unrelated.

Through circumstance, I’ve found myself riding very little lately.  A couple of weeks ago my shifter for the rear derailleur went kaputt, and through comedy of errors, I’ve continued without my bike for over two weeks now.  I’m hoping I’ll see it again this week, but don’t want to get carried away wishing.  Patience does have its reward though – I got to take a couple of other bikes for a spin, and used my smart phone to capture the “action”.  Since I don’t have the video upgrade for WordPress, you do not get to watch that video.  Basically it’s about two minutes of me showing the Wash Park roadway blurring by (because I was going very fast), with the occasional shot of the BMC Gran Fondo’s Ultegra Di2 drivetrain shifting flawlessly.

The BMC Gran Fondo. Adjusted enough for me to ride for a bit, but I would totally slam that stem if I had it!

The ride was quite fun, and I always find it interesting to compare rides.  This bike totally smooths over the pavement, especially through the design of the fork and the rear stays.  In bike-industry speak: “very stiff for lots of power transfer, but vertically compliant for a comfortable ride.”  To translate, pedal hard, go fast, feel comfortable.  I won’t joke here, the ride position was upright enough that I thought I was on the fastest cruiser ever.  I also took a Team Machine for a spin (just like the BMC guys ride), and that only wants to go fast.  I found it hard to just cruise along, and the bike actually felt like it would just keep coasting at speed if I would pedal every 10 seconds or so.

Also from the department of bikes that I want, I stumbled across this little gem over the weekend:

Mmmmmm, sub-16 pound steel ride in orange, made in Wisco.

A custom Waterford, with Campy Super Record and wheels built in-house at Vecchio’s in Boulder.  As Wayne said in the fantastic Wayne’s World, “It will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine.”  This was actually just a demo; one would get a bike fit for and custom frame ordered for the real thing.  The Super Record groupset on this bike goes a long way to achieving the ultra-light weight, but an even lighter wallet.  I will not go this route.  However, nobody has to sell me on the frameset’s lifetime warranty!  Yes, the bike shall be orange.

I’ll try to write more about other recent bike happenings, but that’s what I said a few months ago, so we’ll see….


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