About me

Hi, my name is Devin and I really like bikes and cycling.  A lot. I will talk about all things bikes with anyone who is willing to listen, so I thought why not write a blog instead of droning on and on to my wife Liz about bikes, my rides, etc.?  Hopefully through this blog I can either give some interesting thoughts on bikes, good tips for rides, or just a different perspective from the world by bike.  And if nothing else, my parents can read about where I’ve been this past week!

Liz does put up with my rambling quite well, and I really enjoy when we can bike together.  My favorite rides are around Boulder, CO, especially the Lefthand Canyon climb.  I also like rolling up and down the hills around my parents’ farm near Kalona, Iowa.  I have dabbled in road racing for a couple of years now, and have started training with more of a focus on racing, such as attending a practice race held twice a week at the Meridian Business Park in the Denver Tech Center.

In May 2011 I finished my master’s degree in Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  I have an interest in how communities can integrate biking into part of their transportation network.  Professionally I hope to work on some projects that will help promote biking, and as a result, also create healthier places for both people and the environment.  As I come across things of interest in either the news or on my rides, I will mention them on the blog.

No, I won’t race in the Tour de France, though I hope to actually watch it live sometime.  I’m just trying to hang on to the back of the group and have fun.  I would love a top ten finish, and to even compete in the final sprint, but for now I will gladly go for spin anytime on my BMC Race Machine; let me know when you want to go!  Enjoy the ride, both here in the blogosphere and down your local road.


One Response to “About me”

  1. teamwildasin December 21, 2011 at 7:34 am #

    Hey devin! Good to find you in the blogging world! Enjoy your Christmas….and those cheesy potatoes! Lauren

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